A wedding and portrait photographer serving Arizona, California, Colorado, Wyoming and Beyond

I feel so honored to be at every wedding I photograph. Every couple is different, but LOVE is the best dang thing that there is in the world. Getting to witness two people joining their lives together with love, sharing the laughs and tears as I document their day, -creating art, and being trusted to tell their story- it means the world to me.🌎

That being said, I’m not a wedding ‘factory’ photographer. You won’t be just another number in a weekend full of back-to-back weddings. I’m selective with the number of clients I take on so I can give personal attention to every couple and tell their story as genuinely as I’m able. And, because of that, I grow to love my clients so they get the very best service possible. Not because of some ROI or because #business, but because at the end of it all, we’re family.❤️

And guys, I freaking LOVE what I do! I believe that love is what makes us our most beautiful selves.  THAT LOVE IS WORTH CELEBRATING. ♥️🙌🏻🍾 And it’s not just about weddings. it’s about friends, family, and love for yourself. It’s about being good to the people who are good to you. Showing gratitude, self love, and brotherly love. It’s about being brave and taking a chance to tell someone how you feel, even if they don’t feel it back. It’s about celebrating what we have together and who’s in it with us.

So, if you’re still with me, I would love to meet you.  Lets grab coffee, let’s do brunch.  Let’s plan a freaking celebration of LOVE YA’LL!



Travelers, jokesters and adventurers, a gamer, a foodie.... just a couple of love birds.

The Creative Free-Spirit

Megan spent her childhood summers on the beaches and wilderness preserves of Southern California, and school years in the Rocky Mountains of Central Utah, hiking barefoot up creeks and tending horses and chickens on the family homestead.

Megan attended school for graphic design in the heart of Southern Utah, just steps from Bryce Canyon, Arches, and Zion National Parks. Traveling with her canon A-1 film camera, Megan developed a deep passion for exploring and photographing the west.  After school she married the love of her life and together they moved to Alaska, where they traveled, explored, and worked under the light of the northern lights.

The Fun-loving Adventurer

Jake was born and raised in Pleasant Grove, Utah.  He’s an amazing friend and even better husband. He uses his unique vision and ninja-like stealth skills to create incredible videos.  He’s funny, he’s handsome, he might kill me for using this photo.