Today a tale of a wedding interrupted by pandemics, dust storms, and hail. But with all this against them, their celebration was not lost. Instead it was found, in a new location, helping hands of family and friends, smiles and hugs, iced coffee, love filled toasts, and unending laughter and joy. How I see it, Ainslee and Weston’s wedding day was beautiful, perfect, and truly unforgettable. Here’s their story.

When Weston moved to Laramie, Wyoming from the suburbs of Chicago, he had no idea what Wyoming had in store for him. He especially didn’t expect the ray-of-sunshine he found when he met Ainslee.  They met at a friends house and had an instant connection, but It took the two awhile to realize they were bound for more than just friends. He taught her to play guitar and she showed him her favorite outdoor Wyoming hideaways.

Together they supported each other through adventures, school, and many evenings making music together and challenging each other to rounds of basketball. VERY competitive rounds of basketball.😝 After spending a summer on different ends of the country, Weston returned to Wyoming and knew that Ainslee was the one.  He asked, and she said yes!  Now this competitive pair has a saying “your victory is MY victory, and my victory is yours!”

Ainslee & Weston, Now you have a forever teammate. May you never stop seeking for victory for the other. Your wedding day was beautiful and one of the most love-filled days I’ve experienced in my entire wedding photography career. Together you two brought love and joy to all who attended and it was amazing to witness in such difficult times. Thank you for letting us be a part of it!
Love & appreciation, ~M

Words of advice for anyone wedding planning
“I don’t feel like we necessarily are ones to model anything after, I felt like it was all a disaster! haha I think the most important thing is to just keep remembering that the decorations and everything are fun and I feel like there is a lot of pressure to have everything look SO GOOD, but really the most important thing, and what everyone (and YOU) will remember about your day is THE PEOPLE! It is such a special time to have with your family and friends to reflect on the stages of your relationship and just make sure that you remember that every time you start getting stressed or worried about any of the planning! And as soon as you feel like you’re doing well, getting things figured out, a global pandemic or a once-in-a-century windstorm could happen and change everything! A more practical bit of advice is also to find the people in your life that love planning and decorating and use their strengths! People love to help, they just need to be pointed in the right direction.”  -Mrs. Ainslee Fox

Amen Ainslee! Amen, Amen, Amen. ❤️🙏 

Ainslee & Weston Fox Wedding Day near at family ranch near Cheyenne, Wyoming Ainslee & Weston Fox Wedding Day near at family ranch near Cheyenne, Wyoming Ainslee & Weston Fox Wedding Day near at family ranch near Cheyenne, Wyoming Ainslee & Weston Fox Wedding Day near at family ranch near Cheyenne, Wyoming