When you really just need a fishing pole….

When you really need a fishing pole?  Chances are, Tyler will have one on him. He’ll pop the trunk, dig around, and in moments he’s ready to cast. A Utah native, Tyler knows all the nearby spots for hunting, fishing, hiking and exploring in order to take advantage of all the natural beauty Utah offers.

He plays football, speaks french, and kicks butt at some COD, but most of all Tyler’s an intelligent and fun person to be around.  He graduates from Lehi High School this spring and plans to serve a mission for the LDS church in Tahiti.  He leaves this summer and we will miss him!

Tyler brought along some great props and outfits for his session that really highlights his personality and the things he loves to do. Annie wrote up a little guide with lots of fun ideas and info all about props for your session! Read more about that below.

Love & Appreciation, ~M

Wyoming Senior portrait Wyoming Senior portrait

So you’ve booked your senior portrait session and surprise, it’s tomorrow! What now?

Some notes about what to bring to your senior portrait session:

Well first, you’ve got to bring a few changes of clothes. This is your time to shine and you shouldn’t do it in just one outfit. You’re probably going to have at least 50 pictures taken and do you want to be in the same outfit the entire time? Probably not. So bring some outfits that a) you feel comfortable in and love, b) represent your time in school (maybe a football jersey or letterman jacket) and c) something a little more formal (like a dress or nice jacket). These outfits give you a lot to go with from comfy and casual to rocking a dress you love.

Wyoming Senior portrait

Next you may want an accessory or two. For girls, flower crowns are super in style right now… making it convenient for you to feel like a fairy princess with your crown and dress. If you’re not into flower crowns, that totally okay. Bring something that makes you feel like you and what will represent you to the world. Guys, same thing. Bring something that represents you. Maybe it’s something sports related uniform or object or even a leather jacket that you feel super comfortable in. Accessories are what you make of it.Wyoming Senior portraitWyoming Senior portrait

But what we really want to talk about is PROPS! 

If your graduation is right around the corner, a cap and gown is a great option!  Same with any school or sports related uniforms or items.  We should TOTALLY celebrate all those things you worked so hard for while you were in school.Wyoming Senior portraitWyoming Senior portrait

Last, think about things you love to do, paint? read? cook? play an instrument? take photos? listen to music? dance? fish? (…Take a page out of Tyler’s book and bring a fishing pole!)  The options are really endless.Wyoming Senior portrait Wyoming Senior portrait

What props would you bring to a session to show off your personality?


This is the first in our six part series celebrating SENIOR WEEK!  Wahoo!

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