I just adore the fondness Cally and Garrett have for one another. Cally recently shared with me: “As we pack up our house, I realize that I truly don’t care where we are staying, I just want to be with my best friend. He makes it home.” 

Cally and Garrett first met when they were sophomores at the University of Wyoming. Cally was scouting her chemistry class for the perfect lab partner, and without hesitation… walked straight up to the most attractive guy in class! This guy, of course, was Garrett. They were immediately captivated with each other. Many hours were spent together studying, competing for the highest test scores, and debating who had the right answers. Their mutual feelings for one other developed quickly, and after a couple dates, Cally and Garrett became absolutely inseparable. 

Their relationship blossomed as hand-in-hand they graduated college, adopted their sweet puppy Osha, and put in many miles traveling to see friends and family. They were beyond ready to tie the knot after two years together.  In secrecy, Garret began to plan his epic proposal.

It was a brisk winter’s day when Cally arrived at her family’s ranch in Glendo, WY. She was excited for Garrett to join her later that day to welcome in the New Year. Much to her surprise, she was greeted by a mysterious path of rose petals upon opening the door. With her pulse steadily climbing, she followed the trail to find the love of her life down on one knee, ring in hand. In a moment of perfect intimacy, Cally agreed to become Garrett’s wife. 

As summer turned to fall on a beautiful day in Douglas, Wyoming, Cally and Garrett prepared for their big day. Garrett adjusted his tie and Cally slipped into her lacy white dress. All eyes were on her as she proceeded down the aisle toward her best friend. Vows were exchanged and they shared their first kiss as husband and wife. We partied the night away, celebrating this incredible couple and the Cowboy’s football victory (which can be seen in this news clip, featuring our bride and groom!). It was truly a joy to document this Wyoming wedding!

Venue: Wyoming State Fairgrounds, Douglas
Caterer: Teri Goddard
Cake: Veva Addleman
Hair and Makeup: Above and Beyond Salon
Pastor: Brandon Buller
DJ: Rocky Mountain Sound and Light