They grew up in the same neighborhood, walked the halls of the same high school, shopped at the same stores.  Running in different circles, their paths never crossed till they left home for college.  It was here in Laramie, at a night off from studying at UW, that they were introduced by friends at The Library.  And that was it, something clicked.

Now, eight years in and they are building a life and a home together in Cheyenne.  Dustin is intelligent and hard working, CarlyAnn is dedicated and passionate.  Together they are the perfect balance of hardworking and fun.

Their engagement began on the day Dustin bought CarlyAnn diamonds.  Specifically diamonds found in Wyoming- which can be hard to track down – but are perfect because Wyoming holds such meaning for them both.  Wyoming is where they grew up, where they found each other, where they fell in love, and where they call home.

For their engagement session we headed to the summit near Happy Jack on a (surprisingly) warm March day and were delighted by a beautiful sunset.  I love these images because they perfectly reflect the love that these two share.  Even through the wind and life’s storms, house reno’s/working in separate states/life in general, through laughter and tears, their love for each other still shines through.

Truly these two are making Wyoming (and the world) a better place. I’m looking forward to their wedding and for what is shaping up to be a heartfelt celebration of love!

Dustin & CarlyAnn, Thanks for inviting me on this journey with you. I cant wait to see what the future holds! Love and appreciation, ~M