It was just another summer night in rural Pennsylvania. Mac made plans to meet friends at the yearly bon fire.  Little did he know that as the fire roared nearby, sparks would soon be flying between him and a beautiful stranger.  It was there that he met Justine.  Charismatic and kind, Mac had to know that girl who’s beauty was only magnified by the glowing fire light.

Fast forward nearly six years and 1,700 miles, and Justine and Mac are closer than ever. Partners in life and in love, they’ve endured cross-country moves, travel and school… only to be made stronger by the person at their side.  Residing in Laramie, WY they are planning their destination wedding this fall in beautiful Estes Park, CO.  Perfect for a couple who loves travel and the outdoors, with a habit for finding adventure.

Their engagement wasn’t a surprise, or drama filled story.  Instead, it’s a decision, engrained in their families history, a lovely moment when two people knew it was time.  Time to say yes, time to move forward, and time to jump into life with both feet on the ground and fingers entwined with love.

For Justine and Mac’s engagement session we hiked into the beautiful Nautilus rock formation of Vedawoo in Medicine Bow National Forest.  True to Wyoming form, patches of snow littered the path in mid-april, and the wind blew Justine’s hair in all the right ways.  Joined by their two adorable Australian Cattle dogs, it was a beautiful evening exploring the hills!

Love & Appreciation,