They met on a dating website, she was drawn to him because his name had Yoda in it and she’s a bit of a Star Wars lover… SO sent him a message in the typical Yoda voice, she did.

He responded and they chatted for hours. Soon enough the plan was on for their first date! She sent a riddle for him to find the location where she would be waiting…. and you better believe he solved it!

To say that first date went well would be an understatement.  Coffee turned into lunch which turned into an entire evening laughing together and getting to know one another.  It ended with the most beautiful sunset atop Washington Park’s hill, the one with all the lilacs, you’ll see it below! And I guess you could say, the rest was history.

Fast forward through many movie nights and cuddling, fishing on the weekends, and nights spent gaming and reading together, these two were ready to take their fairytale romance to the next level.  Josh set up an intricate and elaborate scavenger hunt for Kate, sending her to all corners of the town searching for clues with riddles from all of their favorite movie characters hidden inside lockboxes.  Gimli, Galadriel, and Belle.

The final clue led Kate to a romantic picnic where Josh was anxiously waiting to propose to his princess. Surrounded by family and friends with love and excitement felt by all, she said yes!

Josh & Kate,

I feel beyond lucky that you two found me to be your photographer. Getting to know you both as we prep for your wedding (YAY!) has been a total dream and I am SO excited for what the future holds for you both. Till then, keep being your wonderful selves and I cannot wait for your fall engagement session!!

Love & Appreciation, ~Megan