They both grew up in Wyoming.  Neighboring cities, him from Laramie, she from Cheyenne. Spending their formative years walking the same streets and going to the same events, but it wasn’t until they both moved to Washington D.C. that their paths would cross for good.

She was the cute girl at the office and he was the fun guy down the hall.  Soon enough Kelsey and Max were dating… and they both knew that they found something special.  Date nights seeing shows in the city, laughing over their favorite books and movies, reminiscing about their life before in WY.

Fast forward to this summer, Kelsey went west to visit home and Max had a big date planned for when she returned. They hadn’t seen each other for a couple of days but Max had been busy.  Dinner, a show, flowers, pictures, a ring and a proposal… Kelsey said yes!

Kelsey and Max plan to wed in their home state of Wyoming next summer – in the red rocks and mountains that separate their two hometowns.  It’s sure to be the perfect celebration for this incredible couple!