Four ways to carve out time for scenic portraits on your wedding day:


Traditional wedding day timelines usually only leave a small window for couples portraits, think 20-30 minutes somewhere at the venue, but often times venues are near incredible scenic locations that are just minutes away!  Taking advantage of these locations for a more remote, scenic, and private couples portrait session on your wedding day is TOTALLY POSSIBLE! And here’s how.

Do a First Look

It might require scheduling a bit more time with your photographer, and it’s a bit non-traditional to be sure, but scheduling a First Look into your wedding day is the top way to get more portrait time with your future partner.

Doing a first look often allows for more flexibility with location and a short, intimate break away from all your friends, family, and guests. Imagine an early morning hike to a scenic vista, meeting up at a set location, or taking a drive together somewhere peaceful to just enjoy each others company and have some relaxed portraits taken.

Schedule a break in your day

If a first look isn’t in the cards, another great way to get more portrait time is to schedule a break during your wedding day (like Megan & Tyson)!  Do an earlier ceremony and a later reception, give yourself a full two hours for all of the portraits(family and wedding party included), have a driver handy, and you’ll be surprised where that little extra time can take you!

Elope 😉

Okay, okay, I know this one is way out there, and frankly isn’t an option for most couples (if you want your MIL to ever forgive you that is!).  But elopements are THE fad these days and I totally LOVE it. Save money feeding people you’ll probably never see again, take just your very besties, and go somewhere amazing!  A sunrise ceremony in the desert perhaps? A sunset mountain vista, or mid-day forest, the sky is the limit when it comes to destination elopements. Limiting down those family, decoration, and wedding party gives the photographers so much more time for what really matters (YOU!).

The Day After

I love love love Newlyweds sessions! We get to go out with your wedding attire the morning or evening after your wedding day and relive some of the best feelings in even more scenic locations!

Elopement Inspiration Among the Seguaro – About this shoot:

Tiffany & Tom are such an amazing and FUN couple. Together they are planning their elopement for next winter in Sedona, Arizona and I couldn’t be more excited for them and their future adventures.

For this elopement inspiration shoot we met at the Cave Creek Nature Preserve near Scottsdale Arizona and went for a little early morning hike.  They showed up looking amazing and things just got better from there. Thanks Tiffany and Tom for being so wonderful from start to finish! I cant wait to show you your full gallery from this beautiful day. <3

Love & Appreciation,