Growing up outside of Chicago, Kaitlyn always dreamed of a life in the mountains. A life close to nature, the more animals the better. Sounds pretty dreamy right? So after college when Kaitlyn got the opportunity to come to Saratoga, Wyoming for a summer job on a dude ranch… she leapt for it! Soon enough, she fell in love with Wyoming…. and I’d say Wyoming fell in love with her too.

It was a 4th of July BBQ and Kaitlyn, ever the animal lover, found an adorable red-heeler puppy to cuddle…. The puppy’s owner? None other than Niles, the 7th generation cattle rancher, working hard and living the good life on his family ranch in Elk Mountain, Wyoming.

They chatted a bit that night and something must have clicked, because Niles snagged Kaitlyn’s number from a friend and immediately asked her out. Kaitlyn was hesitant at first, but as she put it,

“Our first date we went horseback riding and the rest is history.”

Spend a little bit of time with Kaitlyn and Niles and you’ll know these two were meant for each other. The joy they bring to each other is contagious. Endless mountains to explore together, working hard on their ranch, and giving lots of love to their daughter, Kinsley. These two are building the most beautiful life together on Wyoming’s plains and it was an honor to document their wedding day!

Kaitlyn & Niles,
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for letting me document your love story! It was such a joy and an honor to celebrate with the two of you last summer. Love & Appreciation always, ~Megan