Kelsey was born to be an adventurer.  She grew up in the big horn mountains. Her parents worked at a summer camp and she spent her days on the wooded trails and hilltops under big Wyoming skies.  Later, her family would move to Missouri, but after graduating her heart pulled her back to those lofty mountain peaks.  It was there, at camp Bethel, the place she had loved as a child, that she met him.

Josiah loved the camp too.  Also from Missouri, he had lived at camp Bethel in his youth and returned for a summer after finishing school. It was only natural that when he met Kelsey, he was drawn to her laugh and her smile, but completely hooked when they discovered they had so much in common.

I had a blast snowshoeing into the Snowy Mountains for their engagement session.  They trusted me to choose the location – Which is always a risk- But once they told me their story, I knew this was the right place for them.  We hiked up in the evening and were gifted with the most beautiful sunset.

Together they dream of a life spent exploring, traveling, and laughing together.  They plan to wed this summer at the place that drew them together, surrounded by family and friends and MOUNTAINS. Spend some time with these two and it’s evident – their love for each other is light and fun and beautiful.

Kelsey & Josiah, Thank you for letting me document your love.  I cant wait to see what the future holds for you both! Love and appreciation, ~M