We all know that blind dates can be hit or miss, but to say that Keri and Ken hit it off on theirs would be an understatement.

After being set up by a coworker, these two southern souls met for the first time in Denver, Colorado three years ago. Keri warned Ken that she was a soon-to-be puppy mom (as if that was a negative!), but of course nothing was going to get in the way  of the love story that was just beginning.

Three years and many good times later, Keri and Ken share a mutual love for traveling the world, the LSU Tigers, and, of course, each other.

Ken was beyond ready to have Keri as his wife, so there was a proposal. There was a ring. There was an answer. With tears and excitement, she said yes!

The warmth, tenderness, and sweetness Ken and Keri have toward one another is evident to any onlooker. It’s an honor to celebrate this special love, and I cannot wait to see the beautiful things that are in store for their wedding day!