We all know that blind dates can be hit or miss, but to say that Keri and Ken hit it off on theirs would be an understatement.  

After being set up by a coworker, these two southern souls met for the first time in Denver, Colorado three years ago. Keri warned Ken that she was a soon-to-be puppy mom (as if that was a negative!), but of course nothing was going to get in the way of this love story.

Keri and Ken are truly the kind of positive people who turn lemons into lemonade.  Not to be deterred by a global pandemic, they flipped all of their plans around and decided to celebrate not once, but TWICE!  Today on the blog, photos of their intimate outdoor wedding day celebration.  Coming soon in 2021, the joyous party of their dreams.  Stay tuned.

Keri & Kenneth,
Thank you for sticking with me.  Thank you for being such a beautiful example of grace and love in these crazy times.  This summer hasn’t been easy for either of you, but together you’re making the best of it in the most beautiful and inspiring way.  Thank you!
Love & appreciation, till next summer, ~M