From Berlin, Edinburgh, Ecuador, the Andes, the Amazon, and the Galapagos, Jennifer and Kevin are world travelers who found a home in one another.

Jennifer and Kevin live in Berlin with their black cat, Shadow, and when they aren’t working or traveling they spend their time crafting, cooking, and making music. Spend some time with them and it’s clear, these two were meant for each other. Fun, loving, welcoming, and kind… they are truly one of a kind.

So in sync, they each bought MATCHING wedding rings for each other in secret at about the same time.  As Kevin planned an elaborate scavenger hunt for his proposal, Jennifer worked away in the kitchen on a homemade lasagna… Kevin’s wedding band burning a hole in her pocket. She just couldn’t wait!  As the lasagna baked, she popped the question by giving him a letter and the ring… and Jennifer proposed to Kevin first! Only to discover that Kevin had also purchased Jennifer a matching wedding ring. In their excitement and joy they laughed and ate -only slightly burnt- lasagna.

Jennifer & Kevin,
It was a huge honor and JOY to celebrate and photograph your intimate wedding.  Of all the days and places you could have chosen for your wedding… you picked an incredible day on Wyoming’s high plains and it was PERFECT. Thank you for welcoming and inspiring me to live more joyfully.  Love and appreciation, ~M 


Photographer – Megan Lee Photography
Food – Cavalryman
Cake – Keef
Coordinating – Amanda Korpitz
Dress – Uptown Bride in Albuquerque, NM
Signage – Zoë Haddad