Late nights studying and reading side by side (with Mumford’s antics stealing their attention) they chatted about their wedding and dreamed of a winter elopement.  They dreamed of France, and their careers, and the life they would build together… and then they did it.

This summer on France’s southern shores they pledged their lives and their hearts to each other.  They vowed to always support one another and see the world, hand in hand. They were vows whispered over cafe tables, in trains and on stone bridges, -quiet moments that sealing their hearts to one another other-.

It had been five years.  Five years of laughing together, supporting each other, and exploring all the beauty in the world together.  On a hilltop near Laramie overlooking mountains and pine laden hills, they met with their family and put words to the promises their hearts had made long ago – making their union official.

Kira & Matthew, your love is the stuff of storybooks. -From your giraffe surrounded proposal to your adventures in France-  Being with you is fun and interesting, your presence is truly a gift to those who know you.  Never lose your joy, laughter, and candor.  Together you show endless possibilities of love and happiness… It’s beautiful to see and i’m honored to have experienced your joy!

Love and appreciation, ~M

They wed under a floral arch surrounded by their friends and family ~ Truly a gorgeous sight to see!

Mumford ~the loving English Bulldog~ was full of Joy for her parents!

Kira is gorgeous inside and out… a true beauty!