This is a story we’ve had the honor of telling before. Lauren and Lee met in the most beautiful and unique way… one might say it was fate… personally, I’m convinced that this was meant to be and it’s been a joy to document and tell the story of their love.

Lauren and Lee’s paths crossed… literally… on Thanksgiving day in the mountains.

They each took the holiday as an opportunity to head out into the mountains of Colorado for solo hikes. The trail forked and she went one way and moments later, Lee choose the other.

The snow was starting to fall when Lee decided to call it a day.  He was heading downhill after enjoying a day of hiking in solitude when he reached the place where the two separate trails merged into one.

It was at that fork that his pace brought him awkwardly close in step to the only other person in sight. Lee was wary of this stranger interrupting his mountain serenity, until she started talking to him, sunny and cheerful… like only Lauren can be, and Lee was all at once intrigued by the pretty girl suddenly walking beside him.  They walked the rest of the trail together, talking and laughing. Wondering at how strange it was to find another person, with so much in common, in such a remote place on this unlikely date.

They reached the end of the trail all too soon, to find that snow had piled onto the roads.  Lee lived nearby and invited Lauren to join him at his place for drinks. Lauren was skeptical of this handsome stranger since she was alone in the mountains. She said no, not this time.

Lauren got into her car and started kicking herself for not getting this handsome mountain stranger’s phone number… or even giving him hers.  She started precariously driving her car down the icy, snow-covered canyon road, wondering if she’d ever see him again. As she reached the bottom of the hill, Lauren found Lee waiting for her, making sure she made it out safe…. and folks, she got that number and the rest is history!

Lauren & Lee,

Thank you for welcoming me into your home and allowing me to tell your beautiful love story! Your intimate wedding day was beautiful in every way, Icy roads, mountain views, and SO many happy tears. Wishing you both happiness and joy, till our paths cross again.

Love & Appreciation,