A post about loving yourself

Love yourself

I had so much fun working on this project with Kelsey of A Balancing Peach.  She really is a peach!  She had the brilliant Idea to do a shoot together in preparation for Valentines day and blog about loving yourself.  Check out her beautiful words here.

Laramie Wyoming portraits by Megan Lee Photography based in Laramie Wyoming.

Together we spent the morning arranging flowers, wearing floral crowns and photographing each other in this beautiful Fort Collins, Colorado studio.

Floral chair in fort collins studio by wyoming photographer.

Days later we met to edit the images together.

Laramie Wyoming portraits by Megan Lee Photography based in Laramie Wyoming.

As we sat together,

editing and talking, we giggled over our outtakes and each pointing out things we didn’t like about ourselves.  Her the size of her feet, me the size of my…well… everything.

Ive been doing some thinking lately, and really, every woman I photograph ‘hates’ something about their appearance.

Everyday I produce images of women, beautiful gorgeous women, on the happiest days of their lives.  Their wedding day.  And nearly every woman I deliver images to immediately has something negative to say about their bodies.  Sometimes they say it even before they see the images, during the photoshoot.

Do you know how crazy that is?!

These women, on their wedding day, while they are the most beautiful and perfect version of themselves, while a man is pledging his life and his love to her and only her, while her family and friends have come from around the world to support her on this day, THIS DAY the biggest thing on her mind is that she somehow isn’t ____ enough because of ____.

Even worse, many women avoid photographs all together because they are afraid of what they will see. I know I have. We think we aren’t good enough to be in front of the camera because we know we will hate what we see when the images are delivered.  We cringe at the idea of a photographer or editor looking at the images on their computer screens and laughing at our flaws (trust me when I say I NEVER do that).

We must stop this.  We would never say about other people the things we say about ourselves. You owe it to you and the people around you who love you exactly how you are, right now, in this moment.

The truth is….  you’re beautiful.


So give yourself a little credit

We need to give ourselves the grace we deserve to feel beautiful. The permission to be happy with our appearance. The time to take care of our bodies and our minds.  To accept what we are in this moment.  To be present without worrying about the size of our jeans or the gap in our teeth.

Northern Colorado Wedding photographer

I challenged myself in 2016 to get and post professional portraits of myself 3 times.  This is the first of the three.  Do I look at these images of myself and wish something was different?  Yes.  But I also love other things.  Its hard to talk about, we arent supposed to like things about ourselves, but its true.


If you’re still with me…

I challenge you to get a current portrait of yourself and post one thing that you love about your appearance. You will be surprised at how many of your friends and family will agree with you! If you cant afford a professional photographer, a selfie will work!  I want to see your posts so use #lovekindlynow and share the love.

To put my money where my mouth is, i’m posting 5 things I love about myself.

  1. I love my smile.
  2. I love my body because it is strong.
  3. I love my hands because they know how to work a camera on manual without looking.
  4. I love that I look like my mother, grandmother, and great grandmother.  All strong women who suffered and did their best to make things better for the next generation.
  5. I love my creative and crazy mind for taking me where I am today, and lots of fun detours along the way.