Megan moved to Rawlins, WY for seasonal work.  Hoping to stay a little longer, she interviewed for a permanent position with the BLM… that she didn’t get. Slightly disappointed, later at the employee housing unit she met Ray…. the person who got the job instead of her.

Megan couldn’t be upset for long. Ray was kind and intelligent – the perfect compliment to Megan’s adventurous, curious, and fun loving spirit. Soon enough they were flirting then dating. Their love for each other and Rawlins growing by the hour.

Fast forward ten years and many adventures together later, and Megan and Ray have built a life together chasing their dreams in Rawlins, WY.

It was on a beautiful wintry day that Megan and Ray headed into the Snowy Range Mountains for a snowshoeing trip, one of their favorite weekend mini-getaways.  Little did Megan Know, but this trip would be special.

Ray knew he wanted to ask Megan to be his wife. He prepped for the trip, and nervously forgot to pack her winter gear.  Deciding they didn’t want to make the drive back, Ray gave her some of his gear and together they headed up the snow covered Brush Creek Trail.  They found an open meadow and took some photos together, the trees and rolling hills covered in perfect sparkling white now… and then it was there that Ray asked Megan to be his wife!

And guys – to the delight of everyone who knows them – Megan said yes!

Megan & Ray are planning their wedding for next summer in the Rocky Mountains at a place they’ve chosen to unite their family and friends from afar in a big weekend celebration of L-O-V-E.  From the bottom of my heart, I cannot wait to witness & document it all!