Natalie and Travis knew they didn’t need a special occasion to capture their love on camera. 

This husband and wife pair have been together for almost a decade. Natalie and Travis first met in Omaha, Nebraska, after being set up by a mutual friend who suspected they’d be a perfect match. And boy, was she right! Natalie met Travis at his apartment in Omaha for a casual first date.The two clicked instantly and it was no time at all before they had fallen for one another.

Seven blissful years together passed. One day, Natalie casually and playfully asked Travis if he had intentions to marry her before she was “old and gray.” His answer was yes, and that was that. A date was picked and plans were made. Travis gifted Natalie a stunning custom-made engagement ring, complete with a turquoise band (Natalie’s favorite!) and her grandmother’s beloved diamond.

They were married under snowy mountain peaks on August 11, 2018 at St. Alban’s Chapel, and partied the night away with loved ones under the stars.

Natalie and Travis now spend their days enjoying their cabin in the city, while longing to be in a cabin in the woods. They keep busy by attending country music concerts (with Miller Lites in hand!), tapping into their creativity with DIY home projects, and getting cozy with their three pets. 

One year after their wedding, I had the honor of heading back up to the Snowy Range Mountains with Natalie and Travis- and let me tell you, we had a blast!

Natalie & Travis – 

I had so much fun in the mountains with you two!  Your genuine joy for life and down-to-earth selves meant every minute was full of laughs and I hope our paths cross again soon! Till then, keep living the dream and being your amazing selves! Love & appreciation, ~M