It was one of those crossroads moments…

When she needed to move east -across the country- for her career.  It was then that life asked them to either separate as two, or put their love on paper and grow closer as one. Their hearts made the decision easy,  A life together being the only option they could imagine. It was like fate.

So, in June…

High in the mountains, at the base of snow covered peaks, they eloped.  Together they joined hands on the shore of Jackson Lake, the water gently lapping against the stones. She wore a flower crown and he wore a suit.  With only a few to witness their vows, under mountains and big Wyoming skies, they held hands and promised to always love one another, to always support each other through life’s up’s and downs.

Days after their Teton elopement, they choose to have an ‘engagement’ session upon their return to Laramie – one last momento from the town they loved – before moving east.  It was only fitting that we head into the mountains, still laden with snowdrifts in mid-june, to photograph their love.

The wind and rain fell upon us, but they huddled for warmth and sprinted with joy… nothing but love and excitement between two newlyweds together!

Olivia & Jim,

Thank you for the honor of documenting your love!  You are beautiful and fun in so many ways and I’m so happy to have gotten to know you briefly before you hit the road.  I know great things are in store for you both no matter where life takes you.  Always remain as wonderful, fun, and lovely as you are now.

Love and appreciation,