Take them at a place that is meaningful to you.  When you look back on these images, you’ll want to see a part of who you were at the time.  Things will change a lot for you after you graduate and as you get older, SO having a photo in a place that’s helped you become who you are now is a plus!

I had my senior portraits taken in a stuffy studio with an older gentleman photographer who was a little old fashioned to say the least… If I could do it again, I’d find a photographer that could come to me and I’d go to the creek by my childhood home.  It’s where I’d go when I needed to think, I’d put my feet in the water and dream of all the places I’d go once I graduated. Now, that place has been developed, the fields where horses used to play are now filled with pavement and cookie cutter houses.  If I could have a photo of me in that place, like it was then, it’d be a true treasure!

So think big! Don’t be afraid to go somewhere fun or unique, there’s beauty everywhere! Some ideas: A bowling alley, the library, the mountains, a wildflower field, a greenhouse, your backyard, your room, murals, downtown, a record store, a coffee shop, a lake, a garden, a boutique store.

Check out some of my favorite past locations below and let your imagination run wild… 🙂

Let’s start close to home with the famous walking bridge near Downtown Laramie Wyoming. Head hear at sunset or sunrise and see how beautifully the sun slants through the metal bridge. See more of Lauren’s Portraits HERE.


Another classic are the colorful and unique murals in Downtown Laramie. This lovely mural no longer exists, but there are many colorful options to choose from here in town.


Senior portraits by Megan Lee Photography based in Laramie Wyoming.

The red rock formations throughout Vedauwoo and Curt Gowdy are truly WYOMING and make gorgeous backdrops. See more of Kirsten HERE.

Don’t count out any place that provides great memories. If there’s a place you’ve loved at your school, such as the football field for Matthew, it might just be the perfect place


The hills and forests of Happy Jack in WINTER.


The flower laden meadows of Happy Jack in SUMMER.



Medicine Bow dirt roads in winter ~ Is there anything prettier than a ballerina and snow covered pines?


Abandoned buildings (safety first!) provide interesting lines and dramatic lighting perfect for a more edgy feel.


City parks and gardens provide interesting backdrops with a more manicured look. See more of this beautiful park & senior HERE.


Anywhere with an OVERLOOK.


I hope this has sparked your imagination and has you thinking out of the box when it comes to your senior portrait session!

Love and appreciation,


This is the first in our six part series celebrating SENIOR WEEK!  Wahoo!

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