I’ve dedicated a good portion of my life to telling love stories. Couples come to me, I get to know them, and I document their engagement and/or wedding day through photos and words on this here blog.  But I’ve never taken the time to share my own love story.  The reason I do what I do, why love is so important to me and the impact it’s had on my life… My actual heart and soul.

It was just another night at Blockbuster (-imagine Netflix as a physical place- for you young-uns) straightening boxes of popcorn and checking in DVD’s. I was 19, recently broken up with my first ‘serious’ boyfriend, flunking out of college, with a full-time job to support myself, and a house full of roommates that did NOT get along.  I was the black sheep, but that wasn’t new for me.  A child of divorced parents both building new families in different states – I didn’t feel like I belonged with either, I longed to escape and find a place I fit in.

As I finished my shift, a friend called and invited me to a birthday party just up the block.  I met them there and was happy to see a few familiar faces from High School.  The night progressed as one would imagine, laughs, craziness, and probably a little-too-much fun.  In the morning Jake had a new phone number jotted on scraps of paper and saved in a friends phone (because of course his was lost).  He called me the same day to set up our first date and a week later he asked if we could make it ‘official’ and be boyfriend/girlfriend.  I said no because he lived in his moms basement and didn’t have a job.  He got a job the next day!! A year later we were married.

We call that first summer together the Summer of Dragonflies.  They were everywhere.  In the field by his house, down at the lake where we’d watch the sun set, on trails, in parking lots, and mountains, they were constant. It seemed a day didnt go by without one zooming past.  They say the Dragonfly is a symbol of change and self realization.  That summer was like magic and things have been changing -and getting better- ever since.

It’s crazy how life works sometimes.  Sometimes you don’t even know what you need until you receive it.  I needed someone to love me for me, unconditionally, someone to balance out my high-strung moments, a place to belong.  Jake needed someone to push him to aim higher, expect more from life, and dress just a little better. 😉  We both needed confidence, and together we are helping each other reach higher towards a life we never imagined possible.

Jake is a friend to everyone.  He’s funny, kind, and generous, even when it isn’t deserved.  He’s quick to forgive and NEVER holds a grudge. It’s really amazing actually! When I get mad, and can only see red, he remains level headed and can always talk me down.  I’m lucky to have had him by my side these last 11 years and indescribably in love with this crazy man!


The photos below are of me and Jake on our 10th wedding anniversary this February in Kauai.  They were taken by the incredible Lauren Beeston. I cannot thank her enough for creating this beautiful art for us.

A million thank you’s to Rachelle Rose Designs for making my beautiful dress, JC’s Flowers in Kapaa for the lei’s & bulk flowers for my bouquet and ‘altar’, and Kelsey for my hair and makeup styling.

Jake & Megan Vow Renewal from Lauren Beeston on Vimeo.