I wont lie. I was completely broke.  Like, nothing but lint in my pockets, spiderwebs in the wallet, broke.

But I did it anyway.  I bought the course. It was cheap actually. A measly $250.  but each dollar was a sacrifice.  As my finger hovered over the checkout button, my mind raced over all the things that $250 could buy….

  • 6 trips to the movies, popcorn included.
  • 3 weeks worth of groceries
  • 4 cardboard cutouts of Hugh Jackman
  • Airfare for two to LA

You see, I hesitated because I had doubts.  Negative thoughts that I couldn’t make the money back, that people wouldn’t want to hire me, and doubts that I wasn’t smart/awesome/cool ENOUGH to make my dream a reality.

But I made like taylor swift, shook it off, and hit go. Because guys, I’m STUBBORN.

From there I binged on the online course, put everything into it and even more into building my businessShit or go home, I was going to make it work. 

That was in 2015, and since… well… I’ve:

  • Quit my 9-5
  • Had my images featured in many times over nationwide print & online publications.
  • Been featured on podcasts, blogs, and newspapers.
  • Made BFF’s with incredible girlboss entrepreneurs and business builders.
  • Shot 100+ weddings around the world.
  • And built a business that pays the bills.

I’m not trying to brag, but I want to emphasize the importance of investing in yourself and your business.  The first leap was the hardest!  Since that first course, I’ve purchased more courses(even one for 1.8k that I REALLY regret), outsourced help from professionals, attended workshops and conferences, and purchased better equipment.

Somehow, for me, making the first big investment in to my ‘business’ made it more official.  If even only in my mind.  It forced me to look at my dream like a business, in order to get the return on the financial investment.

As soon as I made the mental decision that I was “Running A Business” and REALLY gave into the idea,  things changed in powerful ways.  I put my big girl pants on and introduced myself to other industry leaders in the community AS A PHOTOGRAPHER with confidence (at least on the outside!  It took much longer for the inner confidence to match).  I mastered my ever-changing “elevator pitch” on WHAT and WHY I do what I do. I haven’t stopped working my tail off, and things have been growing ever since.

Investing in myself with that first course gave me the permission and POWER to get started!

Convo’s with Lauren of The Real Female Entrepreneur during our photo shoot have had me thinking on this topic ever since (and her recent podcast episode on turning passion project into career is LEGIT).  I’m sharing images of her in this post today because… she’s investing in HERSELF and her  B U S I N E S S  by getting professional photos taken and doing. all. the. things. Seriously, she’s incredible.

For me, I’m ready to take some new steps.  I’m realizing that I love lifting others up and helping them along their own business and photography journey.  I’ve been incredibly blessed the last three years and I want to give some of that  GOOD  back to budding photographers and dreamers.

I’ll be blogging and writing more about my journey and dream building soon.  Because guys, it really FIRES ME UP!

One more of cute Lauren –

And I’m out! ALLL the love and appreciation for you my friends!


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