They met in high school.  Two souls wandering the halls of the Casper, Wy campus, who happened to slip into each other’s paths.  He saw her from a distance, and perhaps it was her smile, glow, or beautiful soul that drew him into Reilly’s gravitational pull. Because she has that.  A gravitational pull.  The ability to lure people into her kindness and joy.  It was only momentary because summer break was right around the corner and the two parted ways. ..

The next fall, in the cool crisp autumn air, they crossed paths again and it was like it was meant to be. Matt and Reilly hit it off immediately and they bonded over their love of golf.  And that was that.  They fell in love.

The pair wandered from Casper to Laramie Wyoming to build their lives together attending the University of Wyoming. After A long Laramie winter and a super sweet proposal, that’s where I come in.  For their engagement session we headed to Tie City trailhead located in the beautiful Medicine Bow National Forest.  We played in the snow and listened to it fall, in this beautiful winter wonderland.

I truly love these images as they showcase the beautiful Wyoming landscape parallel to the love and connection these two share.  I’m so honored that I got to be a part of their beautiful love story!

Reilly and Matt met in their hometown of Casper, WY (think high school sweethearts) and moved to Laramie for school.

Winter Engagement photo in snowstorm under pine trees

We started their engagement session near the beginning of the Tie City Trailhead just off Happy Jack Road, near Laramie Wyoming.

Happy Jack Winter Engagement Session by Wyoming Wedding Photographer, Megan Lee Photography.

My favorite part about being a wedding photographer in Wyoming is the wide range of different scenery available. One minute you’re in an aspen forest in the Snowy Range Mountains, and the next you’re in a red rock desert near Vedauwoo. Not to mention the charming downtown locations and plains in between!

Couple poses in snowdrift near medicine bow national forest

Just look at all of this snow!! When we first arrived at the trailhead in the Medicine Bow National Forest, the first thing i did was lodge my truck right into a huge snow drift. Woe is me…. After only a few minutes of oogling and engine revving, I got unstuck. WHEW. What a perfect introduction for these two to my awkward and accident prone personality. 

Happy Jack Winter Engagement Session by Wyoming Wedding Photographer, Megan Lee Photography.

Romantic image of a couple kissing in a winter warming hut in Wyoming.

Nothing like a cozy warming hut to get warm. As soon as I saw those steamy windows I knew I needed a portrait from outside. Pictured: steamy romance, Not pictured: the family with small children sitting just behind Reilly & Matt! Oh, how I love these awkward moments!

Happy Jack Winter Engagement Session by Wyoming Wedding Photographer, Megan Lee Photography.

This cutie couple has the most adorable proposal story that involves snow-shoeing on remote mountains, surprise scavenger hunts, ANNNDDD some unplanned craziness (involving getting a wee bit lost) too. 

Winter engagement session, couple drinking hot cocoa in the snow

Happy Jack Winter Engagement Session by Wyoming Wedding Photographer, Megan Lee Photography.

Engaged couple cuddle beneath a blanket in laramie wyoming

Nothing sweeter than these two. <3

Diamond engagement ring on snow covered log

This gorgeous ring photographed perfectly in the soft light of the snowstorm and placed atop the pile of firewood.

Engagement photography during heavy snowfall in Wyoming

Have you ever listened to the snow fall? Just walked in silence while the big fluffy flakes slowly make all other noise disappear but the soft crunch beneath your feet. Magic.

Engaged couple with vintage sled in Laramie wyoming

I just LOVE the soft romantic focus on Reilly & Matt created by placing my focus point on the falling snow in front of them…. and boy, oh boy, was it falling!

Fun engagement session on vintage sled

When they sent me their ideas for the session I couldn’t believe my luck to have such fun and adventurous clients behind my camera lens. This vintage sled was Matt’s as a kid and the two joke with each other about whether its safe or ‘sketchy’. I think I’ll side with Reilly on this one! 

Romantic snowfall engagement photography in Laramie

Romantic image of couple during snowstorm in Medicine Bow National Forest

Their session was spent in a blissful state of laughter and joy…and kissing. Matt and Reilly are two of the most loving, kind and genuine people and their love is simply a manifestation for their care of others.