Obviously what happens in Vegas does not indeed, stay in Vegas…

Of all the places they imagined that they would meet their soulmate, in their wildest dreams, no-one imagines that it would be at a pool party in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It was a total twist of fate considering that Robin was a fun & outgoing Canadaian girl, with a bit of a wild side, and Jacob was a adventurous & hardworking Wyomingite.  ….But who says long distance relationships don’t work?

Robin & Jake defeated all odds when they proved that some long distance relationships can lead to a happy-ever-after. They kept in contact after the pool party in Vegas. He visited her, she visited him, and finally when they decided they no longer wanted to be apart she packed up her stuff and moved to Laramie, Wyoming! There they welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Georgia, and soon they will be welcoming #2 into their family as well.

Finally, three years after that pool party in Vegas, this fun and adventurous couple eloped! By the way that Jake looks at Robin, you can tell there’s great things in store for this pair. Don’t believe me? Look at their pictures, see for yourself. This was definitely meant to be.

This couple’s stunning pictures were taken in Medicine Bow National Forest, and their elopement ceremony was held at the Vee Bar Guest Ranch in Centennial, WY. A big shout out to Sierra Saxton at Palatium Hair Studio who was responsible for Robin’s gorgeous hair and make up!

Robin and Jake,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting me be apart of your beautiful day. It was the perfect celebration of love for two caring, adventurous and loving people. Meeting your family and being invited into your story was an honor and a beautiful day I won’t soon forget! You two and your sweet family are going to have wonderful life together, and I can’t wait to meet baby #2!

Love and appreciation, ~M