It’s spring in my favorite mountains and those snow drifts are getting smaller and smaller day by day!! That means wildflower season in the Snowies is right around the corner and this girl’s got her hiking boots on, ready to go!

But even more importantly… this was perfect day for exploring and photographing this beautiful couple’s engagement session in Medicine Bow National Forest. Sam & Mike were stunning!

Samantha & Michael met three years ago while deployed in the Middle East. Mike was just ending his deployment as Sam was starting hers. They shared a coffee on base and the sparks havent stopped flying since!

“As cliché as it sounds, it was the closest thing I think there is to that “love at first sight” feeling. Something immediately clicked for both of us and we had these incredibly strong gut feelings that we are right where we’re supposed to be. It’s really hard to put those feelings into words. We started talking that very first day, and we just never stopped. Our first “date” was to a Green Bean coffee shop (one of the best coffee shops that you can only find on deployments) and that place will forever hold a special place in our hearts. I am without a doubt convinced now that soulmates do exist.”

Days after their engagement session Sam moved south to live with Mike, finally ending their 3 year long-distance relationship… to begin the next stage of building their lives together.

Sam & Mike, it was an honor and a joy to get to tell a little part of your story…. and yours is truly a special one! Wishing you both love, joy, and best wishes as you settle in down south. Only if you promise to come back to WY soon though! 😉 Love & appreciation, Megan Lee