Adventurous couples wanted!

Okay, let’s start with the most tame and end with a bang, shall we?  Obviously, the images dont QUIGHT match the ideas because… we haven’t done them yet! Duh!

1. Movie Theater

We have the CUTEST vintage theater here! And as someone who loves movie date nights with my lover, I just think this would be the cutest session.  Popcorn fight, cute old seats, red curtains, and some pretty lighting… I’d just die!

Engagement Session in Downtown Salt Lake City by Wyoming Wedding Photographer

2. In home

Okay, okay, this one isn’t adventurous necessarily, but it would require the right couple willing to let the world see them in their natural habitat! Imagine making cookies or coffee together in the kitchen, gaming on the couch, and a pillow fight in the bedroom, YES PLEASE to all that cuteness!

3. Lake/Beach/River day!

This one just sounds like a great time! Grab your paddle board/kayaks/boat/surfboards and let’s hit the water.  I’ll capture you two having all the fun in a beautiful scenic location with WATER.


This one is easy and would be SO fun!  Let’s meet up at your favorite campsite, set up a tent, make a fire, and watch the sun go down! I’ll capture it all and then later, when the stars come out we can get some pretty night shots of it all too. Bonus, you get to camp for the night and I’ll just GTFOutta there after haha!

5. Sled Dog Adventure

Okay, here me out for this one. I used to live in Alaska and work with some awesome Sled Dog Mushers and Trainers. Ever since I first hopped on the back of a sled with those yowling dogs, I’ve been dreaming about how incredible it would be to tag along with a couple on a trail adventure with their dog team!

Diamond engagement ring on snow covered log

6.Hot Air Balloon Picnic

Alright, this last one is out there. I have no idea how I could make this happen or how it could be part of a couple’s unique and authentic story but… I’m putting it out there!  Picture getting picked up and going for a hot air balloon, then touching down in a field and setting up a sunset picnic… isn’t that the most romantic thing you’ve ever heard?!

Please be in touch if you’re interested in making these dreams of mine a reality… I’d love to photograph you and your fiance doing any of these fun things together!

Do you have a romantic love story you’d like told via adventurous engagement photography?  Comment below with your ideas! I’d love to hear them!