Today I’m sharing some notes about life along with images of three of my FAVES!  Spencer, Belen & Hendrix are wild and fun, we had such a blast at the Little Sahara Sand Dunes last month.  This is the perfect time to post this because the amazing Belen just graduated with her degree in nursing!  As someone who totally struggled in school (and never finished), I completely admire Belen doing the work to graduate! I know it took many sleepless nights and lots of hard work Belen, Great work! Congratulations… You da BOMB!


Some notes on living a happy life:

Focus on your own thing.

Feel jealous that so-and-so from high school has a huge house or traveling the world?  STOP THAT. (Imagine me slapping your phone outta your hand as you’re scrolling facebook)  First off, comparison is the thief of joy, and secondly…  Want something? Make a plan. Work for it.  Go out and grab it.  Make. it. happen.  Really, You’re the only person standing in your way.

What you see on social media is the reward, the shiny end to a long hard journey.  What you don’t see behind the adventures and fancy possessions is the real STRUGGLE that it takes most of us to get those things.  Social media doesn’t show you the years of hard work, late nights working or studying, fears, and anxieties that it takes to go out and grab something big.

Have faith in the journey and Take yourself seriously.

Recently I’ve run across posts from my peers complaining that their customers don’t do XYZ.  I asked if they talked about it with their clients beforehand or put XYZ into their contracts.  They responded that they didn’t have customers signing contracts.  If you aren’t taking yourself serious, no one else is going to either.  BE LEGIT.  Have the confidence in yourself to require more from others.  If you set boundaries, others will respect you for respecting yourself. Do this, even if you feel like you’re a fraud.  “Fake it till you make it” is real yall! 

Serve others.

Bringing joy to others is the quickest way to bring joy to yourself.  Feeling down?  lift someone else up and you’ll find you’re lifted too…. or at least distracted enough to get outta that funk.  I truly believe this… though if i’m honest, I don’t get the chance to serve others as often as I’d like.  Sometimes I’ll think of something kind to do, or someone I should reach out to, but I hesitate.  I get stuck in my own head and think, “no one wants to hear from me” or “this is weird. I’m weird. I better not…”

That being said, there truly is magic in giving.  Usually I get more joy from an item if I give it to someone else.  Lately I’ve been trying to downsize and in the process finding hands that could make better use of things than myself.  It’s still tough for me to get out of my bubble sometimes, but overall, it’s been a good experience, allowing me to get closer to people and spread good vibes in the process.

Do you have any tips for getting out of your bubble?  I’d love to hear from you!