Take them at a place that is meaningful to you.  When you look back on these images, you’ll want to see a part of who you were at the time.  Things will change a lot for you after you graduate and as you get older, SO having a photo in a place that’s helped you become who you are now is a plus!

I had my senior portraits taken in a stuffy studio with an older gentleman photographer who was a little old fashioned to say the least… If I could do it again, I’d find a photographer that could come to me and I’d go to the creek by my childhood home.  It’s where I’d go when I needed to think, I’d put my feet in the water and dream of all the places I’d go once I graduated. Now, that place has been developed, the fields where horses used to play are now filled with pavement and cookie cutter houses.  If I could have a photo of me in that place, like it was then, it’d be a true treasure!

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