Hailing from Colorado, Tayler grew up in the city knowing she was meant for country life. She followed that call and soon enough found herself a student at the University of Wyoming. Working at the iconic Cowboy Saloon & Dance Hall, tending bar, studying hard, and making lifelong friends on the high plains of Wyoming.

Colter, well… he’s the kind of country boy that, if you ask Tayler, makes women want to break the rules.

Tayler was begrudgingly working on her birthday when the handsome man at then end of the bar caught her eye. It must have been mutual because soon enough Colter forgot all about the group of friends he arrived with and gave his full attention to the pretty birthday girl behind the bar. And wouldn’t you know it, Tayler’s rule not to EVER give her number to customers, went right out the window.

Today Tayler say’s that Colter’s the best birthday present she’s ever gotten.

Beautiful, kind, and fun-as-can-be, Tayler is quite the catch herself. Together Tayler and Colter have created a home and a life together here in Laramie, Wyoming. Buying a home and adopting a dog, settling into a truly good life surrounded by the love of family and friends. It’s no surprise that they are engaged to be wed! 

Tayler & Colter,

Thank you for letting me document your engagements! I’m honored to tell this beautiful part of your love story!  I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you both!  Love & appreciation, ~M