Lately, Instagram & editing has been stealing away my every spare moment.  I’ve just loved connecting through an ap that lets you share content and connect so freely.  If we haven’t already, I’d love to connect with YOU THERE!

Today I’m sharing images from my recent work-turned-vacation trip to Chattanooga, TN.  Chattanooga is truly a beautiful place!  Jake and I had so much fun exploring, making new friends, and experiencing the magic that is lightening bugs!

I hope you enjoy these images & as you do, I’ll recount some of the interesting things we’ve been sharing on Instagram.


MLP_0570When I was a kid I used to beg my Grandma for a subscription to National Geographic. Instead, every year for my birthday, I’d get a subscription to American Girl… and then later, Seventeen Magazine. I guess that’s much more age appropriate anyway…

Georgia trip blog-1I was thankful, (how lucky was I to get such an amazing gift?!) but my heart was in those golden yellow covered pages of National Geographic. I’d get a copy from the school library or beg my mom mercilessly at the grocery store, and read every page.

MLP_0577MLP_0581I dreamed that one day I’d become a storyteller just like the photographers and journalists who created the stories I loved.

Georgia trip blog-2As I grew older I realized that I didn’t need to travel around the world to tell important stories, and that some of the MOST important stories could be found nearby… I’m talking about LOVE y’all, and its probably one of the most beautiful -and happy- things in this world. I’m blessed and honored to get to tell love stories every day. ❤️❤️❤️      MLP_0591

If you’ve never been to Chattanooga, it should definitely be on your list.  I just love the way the forest finds its way through the city… like the abandoned lot downtown that’s pictured below…


Thanks for reading!

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