Travel posts!  Yes, they are a thing.  Travel photography is one of my FAVORITE hobbies.  I just love photographing the fun places I get to visit. Taking a few quiet moments to explore and enjoy a place is such a fun way to fully appreciate the location you’re in… and the company!

Just ask my friends, they will tell you, hiking with me takes ages. Firstly because i’m slow, and secondly I stop way too often for photos… I even bring along a selfie stick!!  And I’m so not ashamed to admit it!


The Snow Survey Cabin in Wyoming’s Snowy Range Mountains is just lovely!  It sleeps 4 with two sets of bunk beds, and is nice and warm!

Sunset at the snow survey cabin in the snowy range mountains, Wyoming by Laramie based photographer, Megan Lee Photography.

Getting there took a bit of dedication.  Mostly because the drive was longer than anticipated!  In the summer you can get to the Snow Survey Cabin from Laramie, WY by driving straight through Centennial and the Snowy Range Mountain pass, but in the winter the 130 is closed over that pass, so you have to take I-80 north and around the mountains, then down through Saratoga and into the Snowies from the other direction.  Once you get to where the 130 is closed you hike in from there.  Its only 1-mile so not bad at all!  We took our snowshoes and made it to the cabin right before sunset. 🙂

The Snow Survey Cabin, Snowy Range Mountains Wyoming is a great place for a wintry get-away!

The guys dug down beneath the snow and we built a fire!

Pretty pink and blue sunset over the snowy range mountains, wyoming in winter.


It was pretty cloudy for a bit, so I was worried we wouldnt see many stars, but around 1AM it cleared up for the most part and we went out to watch!

I was a bit nervous, we kept hearing rustling in the woods behind us!  But we got to see some awesome shooting stars too!!

shooting stars over snow survey cabin, in snowy range mountains, Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming. stars over snow survey cabin, in snowy range mountains, Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming.

Dont hesitate to check out the Snow Survey Cabin in Medicine Bow National Forest, Wyoming if you get the chance!  Reservations can be made HERE.

All my love, ~M