During the summer of 2016 I was lucky enough to photograph Mary and Chris’ wedding at the gorgeous Fairyland Club in Lookout Mountain, GA. We met Mary and Chris while they were living near us in Laramie, Wyoming and became quick friends.  Mary is one of my favorite bride’s and was such a sweetheart to answer a few questions to help all you brides currently planning your wedding!  

How did you and your husband meet?

Chris and I met the fall of 2007. I had just started working in my hometown’s Dairy Queen, where he also worked. Once we started “talking,” and eventually dating in 2008, our managers would have to threaten to send one of us home if we didn’t stop flirting so much.

strapless white a-line wedding gown

How did your husband propose?

He almost proposed to me in April of 2015 as we laid in the snow in our Wyoming backyard with our dog Lilly, making snow angels. I say almost because he stopped himself because he wanted to have the ring when he did it officially. Our official engagement happened July 12th 2015 while hiking around our favorite place in Wyoming, Lake Marie and the Snowy Range Mountains. I was being my usual self, wandering around the lake taking pictures of everything. It took Chris calling my name three times to slow down before I turned around to find him on his knee. In the most simplistically beautiful way I heard the words I had waited nearly 7 years to hear. I don’t even remember looking at the ring, as my initial reaction was to burst into tears and jump into a hug. Obviously it was a yes, and the ring was beyond perfect. He looked at my Pinterest!! Aside from the engagement itself, the location was beyond perfect. The area surrounding the Snowies has such limited cell reception that I didn’t feel the pressure to text/call family and friends until we were back home.

What were your first steps for wedding planning?

The first step was deciding location, which also coincided with the date. We knew we wanted to get married in Georgia, but had to decide between our college town or Chris’ hometown. This took a long time. Ultimately we went with our hometown, as the majority of our families still live there. Luckily my Mom acted as my eyes and went venue touring until we eventually landed on the perfect location, The Fairyland Club in Lookout Mountain Georgia.

Bridal bouquet with succulents

Did your wedding go how you expected it to? Were you happy with the outcome?

Absolutely! The reality is that things did go wrong, and they always will to some degree. For example, our candles blew out during the unity ceremony and I’m pretty sure I goofed up somewhere else along the way too. It’s all about perspective though.  Chris and I were so focused on our union to be slowed down by the stress. Looking back I wouldn’t change anything.

Outdoor wedding ceremony by Megan Lee Photography

What is your favorite memory from your day?

This is tough! I believe my favorite memory truly was our first look. Him and I were all alone with the photographers. I remember walking up to him and tapping him on his back to turn around and him bursting into the biggest grin as he started playing with my hair. That was the moment it finally felt real, like I was no longer dreaming. Not only was this a beautiful moment, seeing him before the wedding gave me strength and reduced my pre-ceremony jitters.

Wedding ceremony by Megan Lee Photography

Is there anything you would do differently?

Our wedding was held on a Sunday, which meant several of our guests were unable to stay to dance at the reception due to work the next morning. Looking back I could’ve tried to choose a Saturday date, but it just wasn’t worth losing the venue for.

Bridal bouquet details by Wyoming wedding photography, Megan Lee Photography

Are there any areas of your wedding that you wish you would/would not have splurged on?

I think we got the best bang for our buck, however, several guests were disappointed that we didn’t have a bar. If I could have added a feature it would have been a bar.

Bride and Groom portraits by Megan Lee Photography

Advice you can share with a couple planning a wedding?

Don’t worry about pleasing your guests. Their enjoyment is important, but this is your day! I’d also very highly recommend doing a first look. It drastically reduced both of our anxieties and gave us time to do our couple photos and bridal party photos following. This also allowed us to move quickly to the reception after the ceremony. One final bit of advice is to find a photographer you fully trust. I was so blessed to have Megan as mine. Not only is she an amazing friend but was willingly to fly to the east coast from Wyoming to share in our big day and take pictures! <3  

Sparkler exit by Wyoming based photographer Megan Lee Photography