Kelly & Jon’s love story is one for the record books! George from Rock on Wheels read this story during their reception and It was the perfect tribute for this lovely pair.  I’ve paraphrased his beautiful words below:

Kelly and Jon met, like so many do today, on a dating website. Kelly was new to Cheyenne, Wyoming from Boulder, Colorado and was feeling the culture shock of Wyoming. Jon on the other hand after realizing that the dating pool in Cheyenne was more like a desert joined Tinder, despite his deep-seated belief that dating websites were for losers and decided to give it a go.

Not too long after joining these two matched and in that brief second lead to a sequence of events that have brought us here today.

Kelly was sure excited when a cute guy with a nice smile popped up on her Tinder screen. They message back and forth for a bit but the conversation went stale and that was that. A couple weeks later Jon messaged again which ultimately led to their first date in January 2016.

The first date almost didn’t happen! Jon had a really long, bad day at work and just was exhausted. He had little to no motivation to get his butt off the couch. Jon gave himself a pep talk and decided to just do it and to keep his expectations low. So they met at Freedom’s edge on a Tuesday night.

It was pretty casual and they both found themselves thinking throughout the evening that things were going well and that it was easy to talk to one another. […]

The evening ended with Kelly mentioning wanting to meet up again and that was a total win for Jon, he totally avoided the awkward asking for a second date. Kelly did the leading. What a woman!!

Wasting no time, three days later they had their second date at the Albany. Things went extremely well and before they knew it, they were with each other more than not. The subsequent dates were typical. Dinner, movies, etc. With each date, they both knew that they had found something special.

Falling in love they discovered the best in each other and experienced many firsts as a couple. Jon opened Kelly’s eyes to the beauty of Wyoming and all that it had to offer. Jon’s fear dissipated and family introductions happened. He went from down low to ECSTATIC to tell everyone how amazing Kelly was. Kelly was more confident and shared right away how much she like Jon with her family and friends. It was pretty much a done deal after they shared their first I love you’s while camping at the Two Moon campground.

Fast forward a few years…

And on a sunny Saturday in March of this year, Jon wasn’t quite acting himself. Kelly knew something was up but was excited when, Jon asked Kelly where she wanted to go hiking. They agreed on Turtle Rock Trail and Jon was giddy and said at the outlook, “Today is going to be a good day.”

Once on the trail, they chit-chatted and at some point Jon suggested that they find a spot to sit and eat the snacks that they packed. It was a short hike so it was odd to insist on sitting especially since snow was still on the trail but Kelly went along with it. Jon asked her to find the perfect rock for their break.  Kelly got settled on the rock alone and was thinking it was weird that Jon didn’t sit immediately with her but instead took in the view.

A few moments later Jon joined Kelly on the rock and they sat together for a moment. There, overlooking breath taking scenery, Jon took the ring out of his pocket and asked her to marry him.

They sat on the rock for the next hour or so embracing and in awe of what the future may hold.

George Anadiotis, Rock On Wheels

Kelly & Jon,

Thank you for letting us join you on your special wedding day!  You welcomed us into your crew and we loved every minute of your perfect wedding.  Together you two are fun, intelligent, and capable and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you both.

Love & Appreciation, ~M



Photography –  Megan Lee photography
Ceremony Venue – First Presbyterian Church, Cheyenne
Catering – Alchemy Catering
Planning – Mountainside Events
Rental Equipment –  A-One Rental
DJ – Rock On Wheels
ReceptionVenue – Kiwanis Community Center
Cake – Whole Foods