The one thing I get asked the most in regards to pictures is… “What should we wear?”  I’ve been meaning to blog about this for some time  and to create a visual guide… because seeing is best! So, its about time that we talk about this very subject!

Here are my top 5 tips with photo examples of what to wear for your photo shoot!

Engaged couple with vintage sled in Laramie wyoming

1.Fit the location and weather

No, I’m not asking you to wear all camo… hah!  But I would suggest that if its winter, you dress warm. If its summer, dress light.  Shoes are another thing to consider. If we’re in the mountains, heels might make things difficult, but if we’re downtown…you rock those heels girl!

I cant tell you how many beautiful winter sessions in the Rocky Mountains have had to be cut short due to shivering and red noses/fingers.  I want you to look great and feel great after the session so make sure to bring warm gear (even if we just throw it on between shots) so we can keep everyone happy!

2. No matching

The days of matching outfits and awkward family photos are long gone (thank goodness) but coordinating is always a good idea!

I just love it when couples or families follow a similar color pallet or feel in their images.  A great place to start is by thinking of how you want your images to feel.  Do you want everyone to dress formal in their Sunday best? or do you prefer a more relaxed look? Outdoorsy or Boho?

From there, think of an outfit that makes you feel beautiful. Use that color pallet, and then build everyone else’s garb around it.

3. Textures & Layers

Interesting textures and multiple layers photograph great.  It makes things more interesting and makes outfits look more put-together.

4. Patterns & Neons

Don’t be afraid of color! Bright colors look so good! But please, please, no neons.  Neon colors reflect their colors on to skin and can be very difficult to photograph! Great colors to look for are neutrals or jewel tones.

For patterns, some prints can be difficult to photograph and react with the camera, playing tricks with the eyes.  Large patterns, such as flannels and florals work great!

Avoid any clothing with emblems, graphics, or logos.  Or, images can start to look like advertisements.

5. Accessories & Options

Hats, blankets, scarves, jewelry, and PUPPIES!! All my favorite things.

I love adding jewelry and accessories in to images.  Bringing multiple options is a great idea, because then we can try one with and one without for you to choose later.