Megan Lee is a photographer and educator serving AZ, CA, CO, & WY.
Megan Lee Photography is a wedding and elopement photographer serving AZ, CA, CO, & WY.

Madeline & Jake | Curt Gowdy Engagement Photography

Maddie is an adventurer. It’s no surprise that after graduation she was looking for a change of scenery. Luckily she landed a job in Denver, Colorado.  So, on a whim she accepted, and the Ohio native packed her bags and headed to the Mile High City, curious and unafraid. One can only imagine she was listening to John Denver’s Rocky Mountain High as she trekked her old sedan across the plains. 😉 But she wasn’t planning to stay long, see, Maddie’s got this mile-long list of “Places to see” that just keeps growing.

Little did she know the hold this big city under the Rockies would have on her heart.

A few years later and a state apart, Jake was missing life in the big city.  So he left small-town Cheyenne, Wyoming and headed to Denver, in search of a little more excitement and a little more opportunity.  As fate would have it, the very night he made that move to Denver, he met the woman who would change everything.

You see, Jake’s new roommates (and long-time friends) invited over a “cool girl” they knew. That night Maddie and Jake bonded over Game of Thrones and dogs. They had an instant connection and needless to say, Jake fell for Maddie quickly… even though it took Maddie a little longer to come around to the handsome man from Wyoming. After a few months of friendship, they both knew they found something unexpectedly special and decided to make it official! Together they make an amazing team.

Two whole humans, joining together in partnership.  Fishing, dogs, travel, hockey, and above it all, loving one another.

Maddie & Jake, 

Thank you for letting me document your engagement story! I absolutely loved our adventurous and BEAUTIFUL evening together and am so excited to see where your story goes from here! Love & appreciation, ~M

Tayler & Colter | Engaged in Wyoming

Hailing from Colorado, Tayler grew up in the city knowing she was meant for country life. She followed that call and soon enough found herself a student at the University of Wyoming. Working at the iconic Cowboy Saloon & Dance Hall, tending bar, studying hard, and making lifelong friends on the high plains of Wyoming.

Colter, well… he’s the kind of country boy that, if you ask Tayler, makes women want to break the rules.

Tayler was begrudgingly working on her birthday when the handsome man at then end of the bar caught her eye. It must have been mutual because soon enough Colter forgot all about the group of friends he arrived with and gave his full attention to the pretty birthday girl behind the bar. And wouldn’t you know it, Tayler’s rule not to EVER give her number to customers, went right out the window.

Today Tayler say’s that Colter’s the best birthday present she’s ever gotten.

Beautiful, kind, and fun-as-can-be, Tayler is quite the catch herself. Together Tayler and Colter have created a home and a life together here in Laramie, Wyoming. Buying a home and adopting a dog, settling into a truly good life surrounded by the love of family and friends. It’s no surprise that they are engaged to be wed! 

Tayler & Colter,

Thank you for letting me document your engagements! I’m honored to tell this beautiful part of your love story!  I cannot wait to see what the future holds for you both!  Love & appreciation, ~M

Ainslee & Weston | Cheyenne, Wyoming Wedding

Today a tale of a wedding interrupted by pandemics, dust storms, and hail. But with all this against them, their celebration was not lost. Instead it was found, in a new location, helping hands of family and friends, smiles and hugs, iced coffee, love filled toasts, and unending laughter and joy. How I see it, Ainslee and Weston’s wedding day was beautiful, perfect, and truly unforgettable. Here’s their story.

When Weston moved to Laramie, Wyoming from the suburbs of Chicago, he had no idea what Wyoming had in store for him. He especially didn’t expect the ray-of-sunshine he found when he met Ainslee.  They met at a friends house and had an instant connection, but It took the two awhile to realize they were bound for more than just friends. He taught her to play guitar and she showed him her favorite outdoor Wyoming hideaways.

Together they supported each other through adventures, school, and many evenings making music together and challenging each other to rounds of basketball. VERY competitive rounds of basketball.😝 After spending a summer on different ends of the country, Weston returned to Wyoming and knew that Ainslee was the one.  He asked, and she said yes!  Now this competitive pair has a saying “your victory is MY victory, and my victory is yours!”

Ainslee & Weston, Now you have a forever teammate. May you never stop seeking for victory for the other. Your wedding day was beautiful and one of the most love-filled days I’ve experienced in my entire wedding photography career. Together you two brought love and joy to all who attended and it was amazing to witness in such difficult times. Thank you for letting us be a part of it!
Love & appreciation, ~M

Words of advice for anyone wedding planning
“I don’t feel like we necessarily are ones to model anything after, I felt like it was all a disaster! haha I think the most important thing is to just keep remembering that the decorations and everything are fun and I feel like there is a lot of pressure to have everything look SO GOOD, but really the most important thing, and what everyone (and YOU) will remember about your day is THE PEOPLE! It is such a special time to have with your family and friends to reflect on the stages of your relationship and just make sure that you remember that every time you start getting stressed or worried about any of the planning! And as soon as you feel like you’re doing well, getting things figured out, a global pandemic or a once-in-a-century windstorm could happen and change everything! A more practical bit of advice is also to find the people in your life that love planning and decorating and use their strengths! People love to help, they just need to be pointed in the right direction.”  -Mrs. Ainslee Fox

Amen Ainslee! Amen, Amen, Amen. ❤️🙏 

Ainslee & Weston Fox Wedding Day near at family ranch near Cheyenne, Wyoming Ainslee & Weston Fox Wedding Day near at family ranch near Cheyenne, Wyoming Ainslee & Weston Fox Wedding Day near at family ranch near Cheyenne, Wyoming Ainslee & Weston Fox Wedding Day near at family ranch near Cheyenne, Wyoming

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